Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Interesting Week for Teachers

This was a perfect picture to express what I was feeling when I opened up this window tonight....
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So I went looking....and I found an interesting article on Education Week called: We Need a National Teacher Monument.  This got me thinking about this week for teachers.  This author's opinion is that we have a lot of monuments in Washington D.C. and not even ones that you could think of right away...just a little statue or plaque.  But among all of these monuments there isn't one for teachers, and there should be--especially if the president and Secretary of Education we are going to say that it is the greatest job to have and we should do more than just give them gifts on Appreciation Week. 

Then I started thinking about the fact that two teachers died this week...because of their students. These news stories always hit close to home.  Thankfully, I work at a pretty safe school--either that or I'm just naive. But you always wonder--"Will that ever be someone I know?" This might be a place to start....honoring the teachers that have lost their lives in the line of duty....just a thought today as my brain struggles for ideas :)

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