Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You Tube Favorite

So I was really struggling today for a blog post idea.  It was a long day and I am tired.  So I didn't want to be super creative...but I have this list on Pinterest that gives me ideas....sometimes.  This one stuck out today: "Share a YouTube favorite."

So...I was like hmmm...and then I remembered I shared this on Facebook as a must watch and I still feel like it is the same today...I have now watched it 3 times and I never do that with videos!

So you must watch this video!!! (Even though it is a bit long...I promise the end is worth it)

  1. Handshake fail (about 2:02)
  2. Jimmy Fallon starts waay too early on the first song...its funny! (about 2:25)
  3. If you watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt sing the words Tiny Dancer...he starts to say Tony and seems to almost say Danza and switches it to Dancer (about 3:50)
  4. Stephen Merchant calls Jimmy...James all formal and British like (about 4:55)
  5. "We weren't notified in England of that" (about 5:15)
  6. Awesome Beyonce dance :) (about 6:09)
  7. "Considered the national anthem...but then we decided to stick with the one we have." (about 7:00)
  8. Jimmy Fallon's very 80s dance (about 7:20)
  9. Seriously how fast Joseph Gordon-Levitt can move his lips on this last song is insane!!!! Honestly my favorite song in the whole clip! And I HATE the original. (about 8:20)
Honestly I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the winner....just for that last song.  This should seriously become something people do at parties!

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