Sunday, October 27, 2013

Knit-along Step 1: Get Yarn

So...I was in Provo today for UCSS Conference (more on that tomorrow)....and after the conference I stopped by JoAnn's. Now you know that I have A LOT of I really shouldn't be buying more...but I am because I am going to start a new project...which is also dumb because I haven't finished the one I am working on now.  So why am I doing this? Because of a knit-along!

I have seriously always wanted to do one of these....but either A. it is crochet B. it is too soon that I figure out it is happening and I can't get materials because I live in a small town or C. it is like a sweater or something that looks SUPER complicated.  This one actually doesn't look too bad because it is a scarf...but it does have that "intermediate" thing on it which always makes me nervous!!!

I wasn't a huge fan of the colors.....but I did like the grey idea so I got....

They should match the yarn the pattern asks for....and I really like the colors--I hope it will turn out great. P.S. It starts Tuesday so there is still time to jump in if materials aren't hard for you to find.  Go here for more info. 

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