Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Yarn Day!

So today is I Love Yarn Day! Yep there really is such a thing. When I found out about this...I thought that I would come home from work and just knit all night in honor. Today when I knew what I had on the schedule that I might come home and organize all of my yarn that I haven't done since we moved in. But then I didn't come home until almost 5.  And as soon as I hit the couch my eyes involuntarily close--a sign from my body that I am more tired than I think I am.  So I think this is going to become a yarn day weekend.  So I can knit part of the day on Saturday and Sunday along with organizing my yarn.  I really want to finish the blanket that I am working on! So today...I am going to show you some of my great funnies about knitting that I found today.

Photo: New motto: "If you can't say anything nice...just keep knitting."

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So funny!

Especially when it is my students...because they usually come
from money and like expensive things

Photo: "A granny a day keeps the doctor away!"

Have you ever done a 365 knitting or crochet project? The idea is to make something each day and end up with a beautiful, finished project at the end of the year! This afghan is stunning!
This was a 365 project....she made a square a day.  And not all of them went into this blanket
Def. crocheted...
A little bit too tempting as I approach the end of this 365 project...

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