Friday, October 18, 2013

Best Moments in the 2013 NLCS!

Today I had the ultimate pleasure to watch the St. Louis Cardinals TROUNCE the Dodgers 9-0.  I was thinking that for my blog post I would do the best moments of the game....including awesome facts :) The first best moment though doesn't really have to do with the game---but I got to watch almost all of the game at a sports bar on a huge screen!  It was great to sit with my husband, enjoy great food, and watch an amazing game! Here come my best moments:

  1. Puig had two errors...and we scored on both
  2. 4 runs in the 3rd and 5 runs in the 5th
  3. Going through the whole order in the 3rd and 5th inning
  4. Learning that we got Wacha from the draft number trade with Pujols....ha would rather have Wacha Wacha than Pujols right now :)
  5. Carlos Beltran's amazing catch in the 5th
  6. Staring contest with Joe Kelly...too bad he was following the ump's directions first
  7. Wacha became the 3rd rookie starter in the history of baseball to have two wins in a NLCS
  8. Wacha earns MVP and he is only the 2nd pitcher to do so
  9. 19th NLCS...most in MLB History according to the matter what we have more than the ALCS (so that includes the Yankees if you remember my previous post we are better)....according to Wikipedia, the Giants and Dodgers franchise have more.....but I think they are counting it by the fact that there has always been a franchise in St. Louis even though we've changed names a lot.
  10. Carlos Beltran's first World Series!!!

Photo: Your Cardinals are headed to the WORLD SERIES!

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