Sunday, October 27, 2013

Utah Council of Social Studies Conference Wrap-Up

First off you have to know how much I love going to conferences. Being the only Social Studies teacher at my school, I need to go hang out with "my people" every once in a while.  And this is one is a tradition for me. Twice a year UCSS puts on a conference that is absolutely superb.  Why you ask?
  1. It is on is hard to take a "day off" from school
  2. I always have three sessions that I can attend and learn something new
  3. And usually in these sessions I have at least one thing that I can use on Monday if I so chose
  4. Great people that present and great people to meet
I wanted to give you a little bit of how awesome my day was.  First I had the great opportunity to hear from a teacher who got her Master's in England and taught there for four years.  England does high school a little bit like I do in the fact that they only have class once sometimes twice a she can only do the big topics like me.  England focuses A LOT on sources it sounded like.  This is something that I need to be doing more of! And I loved the advice and resources she had to offer. 

Then I had the opportunity to hear from author and illustrator, Nathan Hale.  His talk was very entertaining and really brought home how much more I need to use visuals with my students. They get the visuals in lectures and PowerPoints--but the visuals of books is an awesome thing to do.  Quinn Rollins followed him up with a great list of books--which he promised to put on the UCSS I hope to see that soon because he had a great list!

Finally, I went to a great session in which the presenter had created a list of the top 10 pre-modern and modern migrations.  I learned SO much!!! World History and Geography are where I don't know as much background information---and now I have so much more and a serious desire to get more! And I think my students would be very interested to understand why some of these migrations have affected and still affect our current affairs. 

Overall, thank you UCSS for an amazing day of sessions-I loved the conference and can't wait for spring!

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