Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinterest as Inspiration

So first off....I am way sad that no one responded to my Count of Monte Cristo read-a-long plea....I still don't know what to do! And I am trying to figure out what to write about today...I am way tired and getting really sick of being in pain.  Actually...that gives me an idea--can I vent about that for a sec?

To catch you up---collapsed/fainted in April with a sharp lower abdomen pain...rushed to idea what I see a bunch of doctors trying to figure out if it is ovarian issues/related uterus problems or digestive issues.  We seem to focus on the women's stuff...but finally a doctor decides to focus on the digestive because I definitely have those problems which might be why we can't figure out the women's stuff.  So we get rid of the digestive system stuff then we can get everything he sends me to the surgeon to get a colonoscopy---this is now end of July that I did this.  

The doctor learns that my colon is inflamed and prescribed an antacid because the theory is that I might have an excess build up of acid in my colon that is causing it to be inflamed.  The instructions were that in 2 weeks call him if it didn't get better.  This made sense and I was so excited! I wanted a was a simple fix...and I finally had answers.  2 weeks went by and I didn't feel better but I felt like it might be getting better so I gave it more time.  After a month, it clearly wasn't going to be getting better so I called the doctor.  They had talked about referring me to a gastrointernologist so I figured that was what was next.  But the doctor never called back after I left a message with the nurse.  So two weeks later I was sick of waiting so I called back....and she said the doctor had been out of town. He was back Friday (this was last Friday) and she would talk to him and call me back.  I figured I would probably hear early this week because he was coming back from vacation.  But no....I haven't heard anything and I am now about ready to hit two months with this pill--and my pain this week has been so not fun.  

So now I'm contemplating what to do next...I am sick of calling them and it not going anywhere.  I am feeling like I am pestering them by calling and I know that they must be busy...but seriously I have been waiting for a month for answers. I have also thought about making an appt. with the doctor that sent me to the surgeon in the first place....see what he thinks.  I have also thought about just making an appt. with the surgeon so that maybe they will actually talk to me.  I also really just want someone to stick me in a machine to see if my colon is still inflamed...I want to know if these meds have done anything!  

Ugh.....this actually brings me to why I started thinking about this--my Pinterest inspiration.

Teacher funny ... sick!
I have woken up a couple times this week wishing that I could just stay home....but I am already super behind in my grading--why would I get farther behind?!


Jessie said...

bug them ... bug them till they take care of it!

Hillary said...

They work for you. Do what you need to do without fear or being obnoxious or pestering etc. Sad things are still not good :/

Tricia said...

Bug them or Better still find a new Doctor!!! Or send the manager of the office an email about how you haven't gotten through to the doctor. And how he hasn't called you back after a month.