Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Teaser Challenge for #ReadingCram Day 2

So day 2 has been busy with work and then coming home to bake 10 lbs. of potatoes.  But I was able to listen to some books while I was driving and baking--which was super nice.  I was able to get eight chapters of the Book of Mormon read-which was great!  I also finished a whole other CD of Fablehaven---I am on the last CD so I'm excited to maybe finish it tomorrow.  Any reading I do tonight before bed will be Jane Eyre--which I have to finish!

Which brings me to the teaser challenge...I am suppose to
Find a random page in the book you are reading, and post 2 "teaser" sentences!
So I open my book of Jane Eyre and I give you:
Very soon--my that is, Miss Eyre: and you'll remember, Jane, the first time I, or Rumour, plainly intimated to you that it was my intention to put my old bachelor's neck in to the sacred noose, to enter into the holy estate of matrimony--to take Miss Ingram to my bosom, in short (she's an extensive armful: but that's not to the point-one can't have too much of such a very excellent thing as my beautiful Blanche): well, as I was saying--listen to me Jane! You're not turning your head to look after more moths, are you?
Well...time to keep reading!


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