Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Big Snow Storm of the Year!!

It is going to be the bain of my existence! I was excited this morning because it was pretty and we haven't had snow for a while.  I wasn't driving in it and it wasn't really sticking.  Then comes lunch time where it is just starting to kind of stick.  Enough that it decided to create sticky icky yucky mess!  After that it really started to stick.  It took me like 15 minutes to wipe my car off so that it didn't have too much snow on it to drive home from work--and it still hasn't stopped!

Brian put up a carport for me so that I don't have to scrap my car every morning.  But the down side is that I have been parking at the church most of the night--so my car was covered in snow once again--but this time as it got colder! So I think I will have snow frozen to my car in the morning--despite my carport.  I'm not excited about that!!!

Our front yard...so much snow!
And tomorrow is suppose to be 17 degrees outside...some people think it is suppose to keep snowing...so I don't know who to believe.  All I know is that tomorrow is going to be a thicker pants, hair in a pony tail, and boots kind of day.  Though I will need to change shoes to go to our first December rehearsal for the choir--which is Vernal--which is why I am actually hoping for a really cold day tomorrow and not snow so that we can drive safer!

And now to bed I go :)

You can see how much has stuck to our tree!

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