Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Reviews and #ReadingCram Update's challenge for the #ReadingCram was actually really simply....submit a review you've done this year.  So I submitted The Storyteller which was by far my "favoritest" book of the year.

As I looked for my reviews today--I was like wow....I have these page things that I probably haven't updated in FOREVER--sure enough just clicked on Bookland and I haven't updated that since February. Wow, I'm sad! This prompts a couple of comments. First of, I have been thinking about what I'm going to do in 2014 with my blog because I do NOT want to just let it die.  But I also get a bit sick of writing everyday--especially when I have nothing to say--or I'm tired like tonight.  Hence I think the stream of consciousness you're getting now. I have been thinking about coming up with a schedule with the blog so I have regular writing topics, goals etc.  And I have decided that January is going to need to be serious housekeeping time!  And maybe a new background....spice it up a bit--I dunno...I like the flying seeds with the Inspirefly and I don't want to go to like birds or something.

Second off, this also prompted a thought about book reviews.  I have been mentioning to some people in person that I do book reviews on my blog.  Talking about that and reading other people's reviews a lot more--it has been getting me thinking about how people get into this whole authors sending you books for reviews.  And I know everybody has these disclaimers and stuff....I haven't looked into this a lot--but if anyone wants to point me in a direction of where to even get started with this I would appreciate it!

Third of all--I wish there were more hours in the day! I am behind on books and I am behind on work and laundry and sleep and...ugh. Which brings me to the final thing....I have probably read for about an hour in the last two days, hence my lack of #readingcram updates.  So best of luck to the people that are still going...I will probably be like this until Friday when I have a weekend and then three days off so no work can be done :) So lots of reading will hopefully happen then!

Don't know if it is a picture that really fits..but it is where my ramble ended up :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a terribly serious blogger, but a schedule has really helped me keep things going. I've also found it helpful to keep the "must do" things to a minimum. It's easy to get burnt out.