Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bill Cosby is Awesome!!

So I have been a big Cosby fan for a little while now--I use to think he was quite funny on the Jello commercials as a kid.  When my dad was in a goofy mood sometimes he would impersonate Bill Cosby's sketch about Noah and the ark.  I thought it was pretty sweet.  We could sometimes catch The Cosby Show on re-runs growing up, but now that I'm older I will watch them on the satellite. He is so funny and witty--I just love it.  He recently did a new stand-up special for TV and I was able to watch some of it (though I think it was originally a two hour special and I only saw one hour).  I thought I would share some clips from it.

This first one is by far my favorite!

And this one is just very Cosby to me....

And just because...I went and found Noah :) Though if you read the description on this one..sounds like audio is all we really get--but this guy did a nice job with some pictures and showing you what we do have of him acting it.

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