Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 4 #ReadingCram and Spine Poetry Challenge

Today I feel pretty victorious---I finished Jane Eyre which translated to me reading about 150 pages today.  I loved how it was for when I got a couple of free moments today--I could read :)  I loved how on my Goodreads--which I finally updated--I just have been lazy--and I have been able to push complete twice in one week.  That like never happens! This is my most successful read-a-thon yet!

Today's challenge is a Spine Poetry Challenge...I might be able to do a picture of these books if I had Sense and Sensibility in its own maybe I will update this post later with a photo since I still have Fablehaven from the library.  It probably feels more like a sentence....but I'm not great at writing poetry. Thanks to Lori @ Writing My Own Fairy Tale for the challenge!

Jane Eyre with her
Sense and Sensibility went to 
Fablehaven in 
1984 To Kill a Mockingbird

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