Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Read-a-thon

So I am super excited for this read-a-thon hosted by Dana and Jenny. It is about time that I have an excuse to read and read and read :) It is cold and now that I'm done with the concert things start to settle down and little bit.  Work will still be crazy--but I would love to read more.  The purpose of this read-a-thon is to get through the TBR pile from 2013---which I never seemed to stop allowing to grow!!! I had sooo many visions this year of reading soo much. So as I result I have a lot of goals for this month.

  1. Absolute number one is to finish reading the Book of Mormon--I am a bit behind, which is unfortunate but such is life.
  2. Finish Jane Eyre this week--because I told my students that was when it was due...but I am behind on that too!
  3. Finish Insurgent so I can get it back to the library
  4. Finish Fablehaven because I'm soo close
  5. I had a goal to get through all of Jane that might still be attempted....
  6. But I also need to figure out how many books I have until I reach my goal of 30 books this year.....
So bottom line: I am going to read read read read read! :)

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