Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jane Eyre in 166 Characters or Less is the seventh day of the #ReadingCram challenge.  I have not done as much reading today as I really had hoped/wanted to.  Yesterday ended up with having to constantly tell myself that there are things not in my control and that is things ended up getting pushed to today. I am hoping before I go to bed tonight that all of the Christmas presents will be bought and all I have to do is wrap some to ship tomorrow and I will be done with the presents part.  My goal for tomorrow is to bake some cookies and listen to some books while I do so---hopefully that all goes according to plan :)

Today's challenge from Mommasez is to summarize a book in 166 characters or less.  So I decided to tackle Jane Eyre, because I just barely finished it and I think people give up on classics waay too fast.
An orphaned girl can’t find her way in the world in which no one loves her. Shuffled from her aunt to a boarding school to a job as a governess, she falls in love with her boss—will she finally find love? 
 I hope it makes you read the book :) And that was harder to write than I thought!

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