Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten New Authors To Me 2013

I am going to separate this into books that I read this year in which I discovered a new author and new authors that I've heard of/recently published but I haven't had a chance to read yet.

1. Charlotte Bronte...yeah hadn't read anything really by her before Jane Eyre
2. Brandon Mull...absolutely loving his writing and I love how I found out he was in Divine Comedy at the Y
3. Veronica Roth...she has written what has so far been a great trilogy...can't wait to finish it
4. Shawn Inmon....this was cool as it was an author that contacted me through my blog and asked for feedback from me....the first time I really felt validated as a blogger

Authors that I Have Added to TBR Pile

1. Christine Haggerty-- She has been published!! So excited to read her book Plague Legacy: Acquisitions
2. Karey White--Excited to read My Own Mr. Darcy
3. Suzy Turner--Met her over the blogosphere and I'm interested to read the Raven
4. William Makepeace Thackeray---OLD author...wrote Vanity Fair, after seeing a read-along with this book, I am hoping to read it soon.
5. Norma Bannister--A Holocaust survivor that wrote her story...I have been wanting to read it since I found out about it

Hmm...I tried for ten I guess it just gets to be 9...

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