Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 365th Post of 2013

So...it is New Years' Eve and I finally made it!  I honestly didn't think this day would come at the beginning of the year as I was running out of ideas about what to write about.  I started to kind of get into a bit of a groove at the end....I actually have quite a few ideas of what to write about the next few days.  But I will definitely be taking a bit of the break to do some planning with moving my blog forward.

For this last post I thought I would do a couple of things: what did I learn, top posts of the year, and where I hope this blog goes in 2014.

What Did I Learn

  1. That I can do this
  2. Networking really helps keep your blog ideas fresh
  3. You never know what will spark people's interests
Top Posts of the Year...these were all at least 95 views of

1. October Today Has Been A Weird Day--The weird thing about this one is that the vague curve ball reference I make.....I don't remember what that bad news was any more....so trying to protect people while helpful to them....not good for my journal keeping/memory!
2 and 3. October: General Conference Part 1 and 2--I think this is thanks to #ldsconf hashtag :)
4. April P is for Pain--Not surprising  as this was the explanation of what happened to me and the cause of all my pain--which unfortunately has not gone away.  I have an appointment first week of January...I will let you know how it goes.
5. March Seed Stitch Baby Blanket--Best thing I ever did attaching that post to the pattern :) This is my most viewed post.

Where I Hope This Blog Goes in 2014

  1. Continues to move forward--I really don't want it to just die out!
  2. My goal: Three posts a week--so planning will be good to do
  3. Gain more followers
  4. Continue to network
  5. Keep my three goals central in my planning and try not to get too caught up in one or the other...and maybe add a fourth of writing 
Kind of a lame photo but it works....

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